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     Aticama, Nayarit is a small fishing and agricultural community               
      located on Matanchen Bay in the Riviera Nayarit, Mexico's newest        
      tourist destination.  It is located approximately 90 miles north of           
      Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast of Mexico.
                                            Houses For Rent

    CASA SORRENTO - 2 BEDROOM, 1 BATH  house located in Colonia Las Colinas
    at #2 Paseo de las Palmas in Aticama. See the website CASA SORRENTO

                                 Land and Lots For Sale

    15+ Hectares (40 acres) available in Aticama, Nayarit, Mexico            
    located in the northern Riviera Nayarit for 5.6 million pesos
    (Approximately $400,000.00 US).  Ocean views and fantastic mountain
    views.  One of the largest privately titled properties in the area. See
    the website El Tamalero.

    Estate Lots in one of the best neighborhoods in the area.  Stunning
    ocean views and spectacular mountain views!  See the website Las

    Bargain Lots close to Playa Matanchen with mountain views!  See the
    website Las Arboledas.

    Exclusive Cliff front Lots overlooking matnchen bay with  Stunning
    ocean views and spectacular mountain views!  See the website El


    LUCY'S CENADURIA -  A local favorite serving the freshest Mexican cuisine in
    Aticama located in the central area of town. This restaurant is popular with the
    locals as well as the tourists and the expatriate community.  Especially
    renowned for their pozole and tamales, the varied menu also consists of
    enchiladas, tacos, sopes, and other local Mexican dishes.  No alcoholic
    beverages are sold but you may make your purchases at the store next door and
    consume your beverages with your meal. The prices are unbelievably cheap!!!

    LEO'S ATICAMA - Small, intimate casual Aticama restaurant.  A one man show
    who cooks and serves quesadillas, tacos, sopes and other local favorites.
    Inexpensive and an Aticama tradition located ON Calle Mexico.

    LUPITA'S - Seafood, seafood, seafood!  Some of the best seafood around located
    in the Aticama beachfront ramadas. Last ramada in the direction of Santa Cruz.

    EL DELFIN RESTAURANT - Simply the best!  Located within the Hotel Garza
    Canela in San Blas.  Cordon Bleu trained chef.  See their website Hotel Garza

    LEO'S MIRAMAR - A special seafood treat!  Located beachfront on Playa
    Miramar in Santa Cruz. Open daily from to . Great fried butterflied shrimp and
    the seafood soup is the best in the area.  Try the shrimp or lobster pate.  The
    rock lobster is mouth watering!


    HOTEL GARZA CANELA - The nicest in the area.  Located in San Blas.  See their
    website Hotel Garza Canela.